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Project Management & Technical Community Growth
Consulting and Training

Experience: Productivity, Software, Open Source, Embedded Systems, Digital Hardware, Blockchain

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Kestrel Omnitech Services

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Project/Phase Retrospective Workshop

Evolve!  Build upon successes & learn from mistakes for a better next project/phase.  An experienced, PMP certified project manager will facilitate a project/phase retrospective workshop with your team.  

Developer Community Growth Plan

Build momentum and engage your audience.  Receive guidance from an experienced developer community builder to create a plan to nurture and grow your developer community.

Project Kick-off Planning Workshop

Set your team up for success by getting risks and dependencies on your radar early.  An experienced, PMP certified project manager will lead your team through a project planning workshop. 

Project Execution Support

Enhance the capabilities of your project leads.  An experienced, PMP certified project manager will provide weekly support sessions to leads to help them navigate project twists and turns.

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Technical Training Content Creation

Whether you need to create written or video training, a content creator engineer can work with your subject matter experts to convey technical information in a logical, well-organized manner. 

Customized Plan

In need of a variety of services, or unsure where to begin?  A consultant can build a customized plan to address the needs of your software project, team, or developer community.


Learn at your own pace with our online training.


This compressed course is geared towards solopreneurs and small-business entrepreneurs.

As you learn Project Management concepts, you will see them applied via an end-to-end example, and then do activities to apply this knowledge to your own business. This will enable you to begin to chart a path towards your aspirations for your business right away.

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